Just one thing

The simplest meals are usually the most memorable. We have eaten in and out a lot but I love it when we don’t have to spend too much. Granted there are days when shelling out more on fine dining seems like an experience to be had — where you get a detailed presentation and service but I much prefer saving a little more to try more varieties at different places. I’d rather eat my way through a market from a variety of food stalls or find a comfy cafe or restaurant sans a pretentious snobby menu. And sometimes, if you can serve me a good (way better than decent) cup of coffee, I’ll try your food.

And I love a simple restaurant that does one thing well.

Koya. A Japanese udon restaurant that makes their own udon (by foot). Udon was my first introduction to Japanese noodles, but I’ve been a soba girl as I found most udon cooked uninterestingly and is often too starchy to my liking. Koya made a good shift in me.

We had asparagus with walnut miso and braised pork belly with cider (and a little blob of mustard at the side) for starters.

I had the hot udon with hot broth with smoked mackarel and green leaves. I’d be back again to try the cold udon with hot broth with mushrooms and walnut miso. Their homemade ginger tea was good as well. I love the different ways to eat udon here and the cold udon with cold dipping sauce would be so good on a hot humid day while listening to Haruka Nakamura.

Here’s a map to Koya I drew up:

Story Deli has a twig above the shop in place of a signboard and it always has a pizza on dislay at the window. Before making an order, it’s easy to fall in love with the heavy wooden tables (with drawers), white wooden floors, stackable storage boxes for stools, old mirrors and the space above that seemed perfect for a gathering of good friends with perfect light flooding in.

The pizzas here remind me of a cross between a pita and a papadam. Hollow centre and all around crunchy, they’re made fresh in four minutes. We had my favourite margherita which was good and because we were greedy, we ordered the sweet chili chicken after. We were stuffed and at hindsight, having seconds is probably not the smartest thing to do.

I suppose that this wasn’t intended to be a ‘what I ate’ post, rather thoughts about people doing something—one thing—well. That is not to say that we should all focus on just one thing, but lately I’ve been reminded about the simplicity of doing one thing at a time. It is quite a luxury to do just one thing at hand and do it well. I find this a stark contrast to the notion that being “busy” or seemingly busy equals to being significant or being of purpose. Last night, my one thing was to read one magazine at a time and I’m thankful how certain publications demand your presence in the now, to take your time to peel each layer over another. I relish the moments I get to create one thing where my being is poured out into the moment; making a cup of coffee for a loved one, picking up penmanship again or watching TV on the couch with a family member.

Here’s a photo of Winkel’s apple pie I forgot to upload with my previous post. Another cafe serving one thing really well.



  1. Dave

    Cute deco. Lovely work, as usual.

  2. South Islet

    Beautiful photos! Makes me hungry although i just had lunch. Yes, doing one thing at a time is something i’d like to do too. But it’s hard with all the information and stuff around us that wants to steal our attention. I admire those who manage to block all that out and focus on one thing.

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