Bouillon Chartier

One of my favourite dining experience was in Chartier in Paris. Doing a quick google search and you’re bound to find a mixed bag of reviews of the place. We didn’t have any complaints though. If I could capture the sound emanating from the restaurant, you’d hear lots of chattering, waiters taking orders and giving orders, the clinks of glasses and forks and then some quietness of people enjoying their meals.

We sat elbow-to-elbow next to a couple who spoke English. They helped us translate the things on the menu and gave us suggestions on what to order. Some might think it’s crude but I liked how the tables were lined with paper and the waiter scribbled our orders on it. Nothing tryingly fancy.

We had boiled shrimp with mustard dip and escargots in herbed butter for entrees. We were probably really hungry that evening after much walking that we wiped the plate clean of the butter with our bread. For mains Ant had steak tartare (no raw egg, but a lot of onions and herb) with frites and I had duck confit with potatoes. For desserts, we had a chocolate pudding with custard cream and a cake/pudding with wine-soaked prunes and ice cream.

It was rather chilly that evening and we were seated near the entrance. Every time patrons moved in and out with the revolving door, wisps of cold wind brushed me by but it wasn’t anything too cold that the warmth from the food in my belly can’t thaw. I loved the atmosphere in the restaurant as it reminded me of the 1960s dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong or any old school dim sum joint with all the noise and busy waiters/waitresses squeezing between chairs and tables.

The prices were low and it’s definitely not a pretentious fine dining restaurant. No fussy plating here. If the line is too long and you can’t wait to be seated, there’s a good Vietnamese restaurant in Passage des Panoramas, just across the street, called Chez Duc and a minimalist Japanese restaurant that’s aptly named Gyoza Bar that only serves Japanese dumplings.

To break from the monochrome film, here’s how the food looked like in colour (from my phone).

Bouillon Chartier
7, rue du Faubourg Montmarte (9th)


One comment

  1. ale

    how can so many people upload so many good reviews? i really think they’re fakes written by payed people!

    i was there with my girlfriend and it really was the worst “restaurant” i’ve ever seen!!!
    it seems like my university cafeteria inside an artistic and historical building!

    after a long que, we were sitting side by side with a couple of old german people and we didn’t know each other. but they say this is normal for french restaurant (??). BUT that was not a problem for us.
    the problem was that my glass was really really really dirty, with pieces of food on it! i made them change it and i received another glass. this time it was only dirty.
    finally, in between my unexeptional meal, i found 2 hairs that were not written on the menu.

    food was anything special.
    i really don’t understand why so many people go there! my suggest is: absolutly keep out!! maybe spend 2 euros more and eat somewhere else!! eat something better in a better place.


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