April in Paris

April in Paris was somewhat as romantic as the song goes. Piss-smelling Metro. Running away from a drunk. Too many tourists.

And then here are the things that made it so much better than the song. The rain that made us stand closer under the umbrella. The rain that definitely brought the gargoyles to life on the Notre Dame. Waiting in line to eat steak frites in the cold while the lighted Eiffel Tower peeked over apartment blocks to tease us with its hourly light show at night. That extra tarte au citron we didn’t need at L’Entrecôte.

Walking along the Seine and going down the steps to see boat homes and swans. Climbing far too many steps for a good view. Eating pear sorbet, dark chocolate and praline glace in the cold. Seeing Robert Doisneau’s beautiful photographs of Les Halles after queuing an hour in the wind and rain.

Handwritten and painted window letterings. Dust and sand covered boots. Trees trimmed into squares. Watching ducklings in a pond. Coconut and speculoos gelato in the sun. The biggest crocque madame ever. Visiting Pierre Hermé twice for macarons. Getting a tad disappointed at the size of the glass pyramid at the Louvre. Being amused by all the crazy tourist trying to photograph Mona Lisa. The swollen size of The Pantheon.

Searching everywhere for good coffee (not that easy in Paris). Walking with our baguettes. Bad Italian food and getting dizzy in Lafayette. Eating out of jars. Discovering non-piss-smelling Metro stations. Finding vanilla beans at the bottom of the blue clay pots of La Fermière’s vanilla yogurt aka the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. Being tempted by all the apricot tarts on window displays. The raspberry and pear tarts breakfast. Our own little Midnight in Paris tour. The rapeseed fields blurring into bright yellow stripes outside our moving train.

Unedited black and white 35mm film. I love the grain.
Since you had the time to read/scroll all the way down here, here’s a little something I enjoyed and thought you might as well. Who doesn’t want a Tuesday kind of love?



  1. Iris

    always a fan xx

  2. May

    I love the first one with half of it blown out.

  3. rulin

    amazing pictures rach. :)

  4. lilly

    I am loving all the pictures (and the grain!)

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