Some pounds

London gave me some pounds. So I thought I should share the love by letting you in on where you can earn it.

I won’t say I’m a meat lover, but I do like some protein. And here you’d find some really good protein mixed with charred bits served generously. Pitt Cue Co in Soho sits at a street corner and often you’d find a queue waiting outside. I love barbecued meats with its nicely browned parts et cetera but here, the ribs were massive, meaty and caramelised. I had the pulled pork and quite frankly, I think it was the best thing. I took a photograph of it but due to the dimly lit basement, it came out blurry and it did not do the dish justice. So I attempted to draw it (as though it can ever do it justice).

Often, how good a meal is is judged by their sides and I really enjoyed the grilled hispi cabbage—charred, buttery and tangy and the pink slaw served in a deep enamel dish. I had no space for dessert after this meal (that included spicy wings with pickled celery and pickings from my friends’ dishes) and vowed to not eat any more meat that week—which is almost untrue if you consider battered haddock and salmon meat—and failed when I caved in to pork medallions with prosciutto and sage in Croatia that weekend.

After walking through pollen at Columbia flower market, I filled my cravings for jam filled donuts and cakes at Lili Vanilli. Red plum jam donuts, that is. There were many tarts I wish I could stomach but bodily pounds won’t convert to spending pounds unfortunately (or fortunately).

St. John’s eccles cakes. Large enough to be shared, these sugary pastry filled with spiced currants had me. You can get them at their restaurants or at Neal’s Yard Dairy at Borough Market. I might even attempt to make them at home with their recipe featured in The Guardian. You won’t see it here if I fail.



  1. Did you go to Neal’s Yard? Had an amazing African rice and beans meal at the deli/salad bar once. It was so so good. So good I remember it still.

    • rachelchew

      Was only at the dairy and they has too much cheese (as though there’s such a thing as too much cheese).

  2. Jon

    film or digital?

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