42 days

I’m still recovering from a jet lag that woke me up at 2:30AM and released me at 5:00AM this morning but I thought I should post something here to break the long silence. I’ve been traveling around for the last six weeks and only photographed with my 35mm and iPhone. Above are a small recap of photos I’ve posted on Instagram. More are available here.

  1. First day out in London with Ant and we were greeted with falling cherry blossom petals. The elusive sun was out and all was good. We had high tea in Palm Court at the Langham.
  2. Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market on the morning before flying off to Croatia. Bought a good weight of coffee beans too.
  3. Zagreb, Croatia. We visited its national park and braved through snow and rain. The lakes were otherworldly. We also had the best hot chocolate here (the thick kind and non of that overly milky chocolate flavored milk). It was from Franck, a local food manufacturer but it’s not sold in any grocery stores. Let me know if you know where I can find it!
  4. Paris, as seen from Arc de Triomphe. We climbed too many steps in Paris.
  5. Restaurant Chartier in Paris was one of the best dining experience we had during our travels. The restaurant was packed with noisy patrons and waiters. A revolving door, a cold chilly wind escaping inside every now and then, warm yellow lights, crammed seating, good bread, buttery escargots and a queue that runs along the other side of the building.
  6. Amsterdam was good to us. We had our fill of apple pies (so good we went back for the second time) and fresh organic produce. And I carried a small bag of stroopwaffles in my bag with me everywhere.
  7. Walking along Southbank and Borough Market. This was breakfast: toasted cheese sandwich — poilane sourdough with montgomery cheddar, ogleshield and comte with onion, leek and garlic.
  8. Breakfast at home. We made rhubarb with orange, muesli, yogurt, raspberries and blueberries. Cooking together was a luxury.
  9. Japanese curry for dinner. We should do this more.
  10. Beauty in the Making exhibition by Monotype and GF Papers. We learned about paper making, played with some letterpress machines, made some envelopes and drooled over Eric Gill’s original sketches and fireproof boxes that held the production master drawings of every Gill character.
  11. V&A Musuem. Too pretty. Again the sun graced us with her presence and people came out from hiding like pilgrims.
  12. Shoreditch was probably the most walked area for me during the weeks in London. This was taken near Arnold Circus.
  13. Bergen, Norway. The sun rises at 4:00AM in May. At 9:00PM, the sun was still up like it was 4:00PM. It snowed rather erratically, but altogether picturesque. Upon a friend’s suggestion, we tried brown cheese with jam on bread. A little odd but I ate too much.
  14. The fjords were breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains were not just tearing into the clouds, it was expansive. I felt smaller than I already am. It was a good feeling. We also took a bottle to the river and drank the water that ran into the fjords.
  15. Pimm’s over good pub food. We went home a little red, bought ice cream and high-fived each other with our feet.

I’ll post up the film photos once I get them back next week. More to look forward to!



  1. lovely photos as usual.. cant wait to see more !

  2. muns

    LOVE IT!!!!

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