Beginning with the end

Last couple of weeks were one of the best yet. No better way to end and no better way to begin the year. For NYE, Ant and I took a trip down to Singapore to visit some friends. Our initial plan was to watch fireworks but some people had to fall ill and so we watched the fireworks via live telecast instead with bellies filled with barbecued chicken wings, steak and drinks.

So instead of pretty blurred photos of colourful explosions, here are a few photos of how we spent our time in Singapore. Mostly eating and lots of walking. And we made our customary visit to Loysel’s Toy, again.

I love the triangles and type chosen for the address on the building.

We also visited one of our favourites in Singapore, The Little Dröm Store. They share their space with Kki, a lovely cake shop where we had a chocolate-coffee filled dome and a strawberry champagne cake. Too pretty. We had lunch with Stanley and Antoinette later at Maison Ikkoku (yummy spam musubi with furikake—too hungry to photograph) in Kandahar St. We talked about sourcing refurbished pencil-legged mid-century furnitures and they shared about leaving their jobs, pursuing their dreams (dröm is Swedish for dream) and starting their own business. Some people you meet will drain you and then there are the others who breathe life into you. They’re with the others.

More photos are on Ant’s blog. Will be posting up more in a few days!

In the meantime, here’s a song that’s been a theme of late or rather, I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy:
Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros



  1. di

    hey, i was down in sg over the nye/ny weekend! was recommended loysel’s toy but unfortunately it was closed on monday, as was quite a few places i was keen to check out! grr.

    • rachelchew

      Oh, I was told by a friend later that Charmaine was there too. Apparently she knows a friend of mine. Small world!
      Yes it’s annoying how most places are closed on Mondays. Coffee is good at Loysel’s and so are the ice popsicles from Popaganda :)

  2. elyn

    Hi Rachel! It was great to have met you when I was back in Malaysia. Have heard so much about you from Ant and Munster. :)

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and oh my I love your food photos! And all the recipes! Will definitely be back for more! :)

  3. kim

    i love your photos, rachel. and those cakes look amazing!

  4. Hi Rachel
    You have got immense talents. Great illustrations and pictures. Could you check your email at rachel dot chewsl at gmail dot com(unless I have gotten it wrong) and reply me for a possible engagement.

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