Never forget your beginner’s spirit

It’s been a bit quiet here lately because I’ve been really busy with work and after work work. Haven’t really been cooking much but I’ve recently bought a pasta machine, so no more aching biceps and triceps from rolling and flattening pasta. It’s currently sitting at a corner of the kitchen top, but it’ll get cranked soon I reckon.

Also, a Zoku popsicle maker has come in handy too. Thanks to Ant, I’ve been making yummy instant fruit ice popsicles that brighten the dullness every now and then. So far I’ve made ice popsicles from dragon fruit with honey, orange with honey, Milo, mixed berry and purple carrot with kiwi slices.

Some random illustrations from a rainy Sunday evening and some photos of life indoors:

This year seems to be passing by rather quickly in what looks like a collage of earthquakes, engagements, weddings, deaths and celebrations. (At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic but it’s true.) And it’s not even December yet.

I came across this line while perusing the internet and read this by Yoshitomo Nara: Never forget your beginner’s spirit. As the year is quickly approaching to an end, it’s an appropriate personal reminder to never forget how it all started, to stay curious, to keep looking, learning and that life is a comma, not a period.

(An illustration I did at work on endangered animals in Malaysia.)



  1. endandthe tupai is endangered?
    yes, the year is flying by fast for us too.
    but that also means that we’ll be catching up in person real soon!

  2. Your watercolour painted flavours reminded me of dri dri gelato (which btw have an awesome design for their brand) –

  3. pat

    I got myself a pot of that pudding too and Dave mocked me for being gullible enough to spend so much money on ‘eggs’. A pasta maker calls for another excuse for a cookout. Yeps.

  4. love the artwork! so gorgeous…

  5. Mun Yee

    your work is amazing rach!!!

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  7. Hi Rachel, I’m a friend of Ant’s in London and hadn’t checked out your blog until yesterday. I love the look of it and your thoughtful reflections. I am looking forward to meeting you later this year! I borrowed that great quote from this post for a post of mine today about my first dance class: Hope you don’t mind, W.

  8. one of my favorite quotes from nara, and such an important message to remember for anyone in the creative field, or really just anyone creative…

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