Tea and coffee

I found a pack of soy milk and green tea ice cream mix from a Muji store in Hong Kong. I’m not a huge fan of soy milk in other forms besides ice cream, pudding or as it is and I don’t understand why some would drink soy in coffee. And not in my green tea latte either. But this ice cream mix doesn’t taste all that bad actually. I used 200ml of milk instead of soy milk since the mix already has some form of soy.

Ever since I started making filtered coffee with my v60 and my ceramic dripper, I’ve never went back to drinking french press. The taste is much cleaner and easier to clean up too. And then after that I’ve been eyeing the Hario woodneck drip pot but could not find it in KL. So when we were in Singapore, Ant got it for me and ever since then, I’ve been using it every day. Not only is the design pretty, coffee from it tastes good too. It’s almost like using the traditional Malaysian style “coffee sock” that my grandma used to make her kopi-o except that this makes a far superior cup as the glass carafe allows a better brew—the kopi-o is about pouring hot water over the coffee grounds in a single straight pour and then pouring the coffee back into the sock with the coffee grounds and the process repeats till you get a thick, thick brew. Not my kind of cup, but I drink it for nostalgia sake.

Anyway, back to the woodneck. For filter coffee like this, I don’t use a dark roast. I generally prefer something lighter and medium so the uniqueness of the single origin bean and roast really shine through—and also because I don’t have an espresso machine. I don’t remember what beans were used in the shoot but it’s either from Seven Seeds (Kenyan) or Papa Palheta (PNG peaberry). Using the woodneck is great since I can do away with relying on paper (better environment, better coffee—yay!).

Some photos below and process. Looks a bit complicated as I started weighing the stuff earlier on. I’ve since been able to exact the amount of beans needed using my faithful Hario mill slim grinder and I use a measuring cup for the water needed. The process here makes an 8oz. cup, just enough for my small KeepCup.

Hope this was fun for you as it was fun for me, with the latter (coffee brewing) being an every day affair.



  1. lovely! love the photos with the words. the photos are gritty from the film, it looks like a spread out of a magazine in the 60’s.
    both coffee and ice cream look delicious!

  2. vansha

    how lovely is your blog!
    needa take some times to run through all the posts :-9

  3. Mun Yee

    green tea ice cream :D

  4. yay to dusty scanner!


  5. EEE

    I bought one in japan but i didnt understand how to make it
    after watching ur pictuers i think all i need is milk hehe
    thanx , great shoots looks professional
    thanx again

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