Meals with friends, Singapore (1)

Singapore was really a lot about having meals with friends. And it was thoroughly enjoyable. I cannot imagine it being any better—well, except to have it to last longer.

Rulin greeted Ant and me at the airport and brought us out for supper with Jono near her place. We had Teochew sweet potato porridge with assorted dishes (fried chicken with curry leaves, salted preserved cabbage, long beans, stewed duck etc.) which reminded me of my Teochew grandma’s cooking. It’s a breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper kind of meal.

Above: Breakfast at P.S. Cafe and then desserts at Jones, where I received a sweet gift (more on that another time). Both at Dempsey.

One of my favorite meal times was when we walked into Takashimaya’s food gallery (I love food galleries—it’s like pasar malam with a/c) to pick up interesting snacks after breakfast at P.S. Cafe and desserts at Jones. We then headed to April’s beautifully decorated apartment with baumkuchen, Royce champagne chocolates and yakitori from ToriQ. It was like an indoor picnic around the coffee table.

Dinner later was at Two Chefs and with Shaun’s recommendation, we had the butter pork ribs. It tasted really good although we sort of concluded that they used milk powder, sugar, salt and curry leaves to create that special powder with the ribs. So stuffed from that meal.

The next morning, we had some traditional pastries and breakfast in Chin Mee Chin Confectionary on East Coast Rd in a Peranakan side of town. Kaya and butter on toast with runny eggs FTW. And then it was otak-otak/otah-otah and Penguin exhibition by Books Actually in The Art House.

Singaporean bak kut teh—a lot less salty and almost as peppery as pork stomach soup. I liked it so much I bought a few herb packs for my mom the next morning.

Breakfast then was at The Plain. Had one of my favorite toasts—vegemite toast with poached egg. Walking around Ann Siang Hill on a Monday can be rather depressing as most shops are closed on a Monday. Thus we headed to the Arts and Science Museum. Sadly we expected more from the Dali and Van Gogh exhibitions and we came out slightly shortchanged but the view from the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands was pretty enough to take my mind off the sad curation.

There were more bits and pieces, here and there that I think I left out. More are on Ant’s blog. I mainly shot food while he took everything else. I only shot 2 rolls of film so the next part will have more. Other photos are on flickr. (The photos here turned out darker than expected due to my mistake of not changing the ISO from 400 to 200 after Hong Kong. It’s one of those days.)



  1. You eat so much, it’s criminal you’re still tiny.
    Much envy.

  2. rulin

    so when are we meeting again!?

  3. these are stunning!

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