Summer in Hong Kong, part 3

The Hong Kong museum was pretty impressive especially the cultural and folk religion halls. Other halls had Maoist propaganda and paraphernalia while another had a mock old city with actual fixtures from the shops from another era. It almost felt like I was in a movie set too.

Pork chop burgers were really good too. It’s so simple yet anything with a bit of ketchup is good. Above and two below were from the museum’s cafeteria and if you’re in HK during a Wednesday, do visit this museum—or any museums here for that matter as it’s all free on a Wednesday.

Coffee in HK was a bit of a disappointment. Finding a good cafe that’s easy to get to wasn’t so easy. And I visited only one cafe, Barista Jam but they don’t roast their own beans. Spoke to the barista a bit and found out that in HK they can’t run a cafe and a roaster at the same place. He suggested a few other cafes to check out but none I had time to go to or manage to find. But while hunting for Barista Jam, I ran into the Google street view car with a huge red camera devise on top a couple of times along Jervios St. Pretty interesting if I find myself with a blurred face on the street view one day. It’s also a walking distance from Lin Heung Tea House.

Another fangirl haunt: the Midlevel Escalators where Wong Kar-Wai shot Chungking Express. Sweat, sweat. Gush, gush.

This is one of my favorite photos from HK. We were looking for Kapok and the Monocle shop and had to walk up a steep hill behind a mother and her child. I’m glad the photo turned out.

Lunch and then movie at the Palace in IFC.

Watching the sun set at the deck at the IFC Mall.

Above: Some Muji treats for the flight home! Had my first taste of  baumkuchen from Muji (more on it in the Singapore post next).

Hong Kong was a lot of fun and maybe I should go back there during autumn or winter when the weather is much kinder. That way I will be actually hungry for curry fish balls on skewers from the streets. Spicy and yum.

I got my films developed from Singapore today too. Have scanned one roll and will scan more soon. Excited!


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