Summer in Hong Kong, part 2

Started the day by heading to Hong Kong Island for a dim sum breakfast. I read about the Lin Heung Tea House from Celine’s blog and also some articles online so we decided to include it into the list of places to visit. Like what the rest have said about it, it’s really the authentic yum cha experience in HK—not the fancy hotel yum cha restaurants, but the real deal. Packed with patrons, you’d have to stand around tables like vultures. Pretty similar to the KL scene where you have to stand by the side of tables to “book” a seat. Here, they also practice sharing your table space with other patrons (tap toi). And as everywhere you go in HK, as long as there’s space at your table, the waiters will squeeze in an empty seat for more customers.

The experience here reminded me of where my parents used to take the family for dim sum. The waitresses (grumpy middle aged ladies) reel carts around while yelling the names of dishes on their carts. Noisy and lively. Food was good too. You pick from the cart as she passes by or go over with your order sheet for her to stamp. A good place to eavesdrop on the Hong Kong folks too.

Lin Heung Tea House / 蓮香樓
160-164 Wellington Street, Central


At Southorn Playground in Mong Kok, where the queue at the bus stop runs along the perimeter of the field during peak hours. Here elderly men play football and some play chess on the bleachers.

Steamed milk pudding at Yee Shun Milk Company was really, really good. A bit put off by the idea of it, but have heard much about it so I had to try. It tasted a bit like custard and a bit like tofu without the soy. Milky and creamy but not grassy or bovine-like. We could have ordered another bowl but that won’t leave much space for egg tarts and cha chan teng noodles later.

Yee Shun Milk Company / 義順牛奶公司
244 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Mong Kok


These two streets in Mong Kok have peculiar names watercress (sai young choi) street and preserved cabbage (tung choi) street, both next to one another and lined with pet shops, fish shops and dessert restaurants. We stopped by Man Wah for some egg tarts to go and dinner—noodles with ham, salty and springy. MSG overload but everyone needs some salt when so much walking and sweating is done. The egg tart arrived warm. I feel like am gushing about the food too much so I shall stop (it’s nearly 1AM here anyway).

Man Wah Cafe & Bakery / 文華冰廳餅店
204 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok


As one of the places we just had to visit was Goldfinch Restaurant in Causeway Bay. Any self-respecting Wong Kar-Wai fan should know this. Entering the place, I can see why it became a shooting location. The ceiling was wallpapered with a blue sky with clouds motif while the walls had tropical leaves. Fairy lights and balloons were strung along the sides as though it was someone’s birthday or they forgot to remove them after celebrating the new year. The little booths were hard and solid like how some older folks like it and the menu looked dated. We ordered a set meal of borscht soup, bread and butter, sizzling black pepper steak and coffee or tea. I wasn’t expecting much but surprisingly, it turned out good. The steak was medium-well to my liking and it reminded me a lot of Coliseum in KL. We also had a banana split for dessert. A waiter came up to me to comment about my camera, saying that the OM1 is a good camera as he had one too. Am pretty sure this place sees many tourists and fans. 2046 posters and In the Mood for Love stills hung on the walls as proof of its appearance on films. Am just glad they gave us a booth to sit in like in the movies. Yes, am an unashamed fangirl.

Goldfinch Restaurant
13 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay


Another set of photos will come soon—but not before I leave for Singapore.



  1. so glad you went to Lin Heung! I had so much fun there! My brother is going to HK in the fall, I will have to show him this post so that he goes to all these places. I didn’t know about Goldfinch Restaurant! I wish I did!
    I LOVE the first photograph. It looks like a still from a film.

    • rachelchew

      Oh, am sure that Hong Kong’s weather during fall will be much nicer! He should definitely try the steamed milk pudding as Yee Shun Milk Company has a few chains around. The only thing I wish I did would be to study the bus routes so I can travel farther away from the main areas to try other kinds of food.
      Thanks again, Celine!

  2. li has bugged me to go to HK twice in 2 days now.
    it is quickly becoming a pattern. and i blame you.

  3. Adrian Seow

    Agung, tell me when you are.

  4. lilly

    Amazing photos!

  5. i really love your photos.

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