Summer in Hong Kong, part 1

I visited Hong Kong more than 10 years ago and this time, I’m back with my sister. It feels odd being in a homogenous city (even though there were many expats here) although I’m Chinese. Malaysia feels more like home with the many races and languages. However, I have to say that the food in Hong Kong is so, so good. It’s easy to have a good satisfying meal here. And the noodles! Too good.

Arrived in the evening as the sun was setting. The changing shadows and glistening sea was quite a pretty welcoming sight. By the time we got out of the airport and got our bags down, it was dinner time and we were quite famished. Walked around Tsim Sha Tsui station and found a cha chan teng serving Macau-HK cuisine. The noodles in HK is different from in KL, a lot more springy and tastier. The beef brisket noodles I had on the first night was too good. Maybe I was hungry so everything tasted good.

The next morning, we headed to the shopping district facing the island. The weather was extremely hot and humid though. Much more than KL. So we walked and sweated and more of those two.

We also visited Mido Cafe. Am sure many other tourist and travelers did too as it’s among the few old style cafes in HK that retained its period furniture and fixtures. Had iced milk teas to cool down before we did more walking around the street market. It’s a bit like what Petaling St used to be.

I decided to go with 35mm again but also brought along my iPhone. Below, bits of Hong Kong through Instagram. Next, more photos.



  1. That’s a lot to absorb in one post.
    Reb looks different.
    And I love your film stuff.

  2. I love this post. your photos captured hong kong perfectly. Now I really miss the food in Hong Kong, I want a bowl of noodles for lunch.

    • rachelchew

      Thanks, Celine :)
      I read your HK post some time ago and took down Lin Heong Tea House as a place to visit. Will post photos of it the next round!

  3. glad you found that macau restaurant, it’s one of my fav restaurants to visit while i was there for 3 months.. love your photos.. i miss HK very much

  4. May

    I just drooled all over my desk! I need to visit HK! I love the blouse your sister was wearing in some of the photos, so so cute!

  5. Adrian Seow

    Your photos makes winds HongKong back to the 70’s.
    As it is, ‘in a nutshell’.

    • rachelchew

      Thanks Adrian :) I’m sure it’s also the subject matter. I’m glad Hong Kong retained some of its old facades.

  6. The shot of the waiter, guests and air conditioner against the large window is a shot I enjoy looking at- the soft lines of human figures against the hard grid lines of man made things.

    The one with the newspaper reading tailor sitting on reflected street requires a double take to appreciate. And appreciate it i do.

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