Simple bits

It’s been rather quiet here lately as I’ve been busy with some stuff, mainly compiling work and organizing. And owing much to my friends’ pressure, I finally installed Instagram—only because I get to view photos from Jamie Oliver and David Loftus—thanks to Iris. Below are some of the things that I’ve been up to when not blogging. Very ordinary day-to-day snapshots. Some food-related, some design-related. But mostly things that caught my eye.

In the mood of keeping things simple, below is what my mom would make when she wants a fast meal. Minced pork with garlic in dark soy, noodles and vegetables. She would usually keep the minced pork in the fridge and pull it out when she wants it quick. There isn’t much of a recipe except that she cooks it with garlic, dark and light soy and some sugar.

Sometimes she’d hold back on the soy and use a few spoonfuls of Lee Kum Kee chili bean paste sauce (for that we usually eat it with pickled julienned carrots and cucumber with Shanghai noodles). For this, she used Chinese somen and blanched spinach. A very simple meal I reckon. One time, I came home from work and needed something fast so I threw some leftover rice with the minced pork and chopped watercress for a quick fried rice. Nothing fancy but it was what I needed: simple.

I saw the tear sheets for the photo shoot I did last month. Am really excited. Also, I can’t wait to see this in the mail. And maybe I should take James Freeman‘s advice and try to roast some green beans I have at home this weekend, if nothing else pops up. Fun!



  1. agung

    Compromise is in the air.

  2. FINALLY! Haha… and YESSS!!! You’re on IG too! Ok.. that just made my day even better! I keep waiting for good photographers to get on IG so I have feel-good -visuals to keep me going through the day. (Your blog is one source of that!) I love looking through your view of the world Rachel!

  3. Mun Yee

    IG? really??
    clearly i’m not a pro! haha!

  4. Dorothy

    Hi!! I love your pics!!! Can you tell me what camera are you using??

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