Outtakes from a photo shoot

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been mulling over stuff and needed a push in the right direction so I’ve been waiting for some sort of divine intervention and participation. Someone reminded me to keep doing what I love and just keep doing, creating. I did and although I’m still pretty unsure about the work I produce, I’m reminded to see it and myself from a different perspective. I can’t say that I’ve grasped it yet, but I’m learning.

On Good Friday I got myself my first magazine photo shoot assignment. I feel a bit like an adult now. An anxious, sweaty and excited adult. And before I could catch my breath, I had to get to work immediately. After a morning of good fun with some kids, I had to shop for the ingredients needed for the dishes, cook, style and photograph. So fun.

Here are some outtakes from a couple of the shoots. I had extra vanilla ice cream so I rewarded myself after that with passionfruit over the ice cream.

From another shoot. Reward after it all, besides the opportunity to eat the subject: ice cold ginger beer.

Here’s a hint of what I made over the weekend for the photo shoot:

Can’t wait for June!



  1. Yay! Congrats!
    Love your photos! And wouldn’t mind having some of the ice cream with passionfruit right now… :-)

  2. ooh congrats on your first assignment! can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Ant

    Your passionfruit is red! So unusual. Here, they are very dark in colour.

  4. Mun Yee

    Bundaberg ginger beer is the way to go!
    but of course, pretty sure your icecream tastes heaps better :)

    • rachelchew

      Hehe… and it’s on sale.
      Both tasted good for the soul :)
      It was great hanging out the other day. Will see you again some day soon!

  5. Really great content that you have on your blog :)

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