A simple day in

Today’s been a good day to do the laundry, stay home and cook. Some weeks (or months. Heck, it’s already March!) ago I came across Mark Bittman’s 20 most watch videos from his cooking column in NYTimes.com and found this simple recipe. When I watched it, it just seemed so ridiculously simple and delicious. I then told my mom about it. “That’s Chinese confinement food,” she responded rather nonchalantly. Well, you don’t need to give birth to enjoy this I reckon. So today I made banana pancakes for breakfast and ginger fried rice for lunch with leftover rice from the night before.

I modified the recipe slightly as I added rice wine/Shaoxing wine, coriander, spring onion and minus the leek.

I much prefer my ginger julienned instead of diced, but the garlic was ready-diced.

I’m not a fan of deep-frying ever since I saw my grandma’s skin bubbled as hot oil splash unto her hand while frying fish. For this, you’d find me a few feet away, trying to fry with an outstretched arm.

More bottle crush. Left: Ghee Hiang teel seed (sesame oil); right: Shaoxing wine.

Unlike Mark Bittman, I added the fried ginger and garlic into the rice with everything else. Add pepper and soy to taste. And add the wine just before you’re about to serve (not too much though, use the bottle cap to measure), you don’t want to lose all the awesome flavor from the rice wine. Fry for a minute more and plate it. Take some of the remaining oil from the ginger/garlic frying to cook your egg. You’d want the bottom crunchy, whites pillowy and yolk runny. Serve it over your rice with extra coriander (can never be too much). In retrospect, I could have added just a tiny splash of fish sauce for more flavor.

Oh well, I’m satisfied. Happy weekend!



  1. yummm! your food always looks so good! And I love anything with a sunny smiley egg on top!
    And I LOVE those bottle labels!!! *sigh*

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