Melbourne on Film, 3

For a week I was Dave and Li’s housemate. We had a movie night with Dave’s borrowed projector. More friends came over with food, good stories and strange youtube video mentions. And ice cream. Connoisseur ice cream.

Miss Marples at Mt. Dandenong earlier that morning. It rained heavily the night before and some parts of Melbourne were flooded. The journey there took longer than expected but it was rather pleasant. It also didn’t feel like summer at all.

Fog at Mt. Dandenong. On the way home, I think we killed a bird on the road.

Coffee with Li after church in Brother Baba Budan (love). I left without paying only to walk all the way back to pay. I won’t be able to sleep having not paid for something so good. That will be universally wrong.

The next morning, road trip.

Breakfast at The Cornershop in Yarraville. We had scrambled eggs with cavolo nero and herbs and coffee.

Then, it was a stroll inside the nineteenth century Werribee Mansion and park. The greenhouse was my favorite (didn’t manage to shoot, saving film). Photos above were from the terrace and kitchen.

Then we drove and drove. Expected to pick blueberries only to be greeted by two dogs and an empty farm. But the drive from there was magical, you could see the beach and the sea appearing and hiding behind landscapes. We reached Queenscliff and most shops were near closing time, took the ferry across over the other side at Sorrento. No dolphins sighted, unfortunately.

Got our fish and chips to go and headed to the beach. It was eerily empty, like the ending of the original Planet of the Apes… us being the only free people around. It was a beautiful sight. The sun slowly lowering itself down to sleep, the receding tide exposing the seaweed, fish and rockpools. Salty hair and sandy toes.

Finding a dead penguin was the saddest part.

Breakfast the next morning at Apte in Alphington. Then I met up with Sel and Leon. It’s been years since I last saw them. Catching up was good and in many ways it felt like what was between us—time and distance—disappeared. I’m glad we met up.

Dinner was at Izakaya Den (finally!) in the basement of the corner of Russell and Little Collins St. with Dave, Li, Ant and Iris.

Tried ox tongue for the first time. Didn’t expect to like it, but yum. Dessert was Fuji apple sorbet layered with apple chips—really good. I don’t think I’ve said good so many times about a restaurant before. But it was really good. The sake cups were the cutest. That was a good last supper.

The morning I left. Will upload the iPhone photos in the next post (final).



  1. The colors are outstanding!
    What camera and film do you use?

  2. My name has been mentioned twice in two consecutive posts now.
    I am officially popular.

  3. May

    I really enjoy seeing your trip in Melbourne!! How are you able to take perfectly focused photos with a 200 film in dim light?? Definitely something I need to learn!

    • rachelchew

      Thanks :)
      It wasn’t easy so I rested the camera and hand on the table and stopped breathing till the shutter was released!

  4. S

    Gorgeous photos!

    Do you have any tips on traveling with film?

    • rachelchew

      I guess my only two tips are:
      1. Do not keep your films, used or unused, in your check-in luggage.
      2. You can never bring enough. Better to overpack with film than not.

      Thanks :)

  5. Jon

    apple desert. omg so good.

    • rachelchew

      You know, Dave has a special action to describe the dessert. He quoted you several times: “It’ll change your life!” (with hand actions).

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