Melbourne on Film, 2

On my first trip to Melbourne I missed out on coffee cupping, but this time, we made sure it gets done on the to do list. So it was, coffee cupping at Seven Seeds on a Thursday morning (after a good bit of walking).

Blind sampling eight kinds of beans from South America and Africa, we were armed with our spoons and spittoons (just a paper cup). We breathed in the aroma with open mouths, broke the blooming crusts and did a lot of slurping (and washing it inside our mouths) and spitting. Some tasted so-so (one, lousy) while others were not exciting, there were a couple that stood out. One smelled of a type of tea and tasted like tangerines, so good (the winning Kenyan). Another was rather floral but deep with an all-rounded flavor (the Brazilian). Others were just quite standard.

A good one-hour experience. After that, we had coffees to go with a bag of beans and walked some more.

Rooftop bar/cinema (we missed Beatbox Kitchen!) on Curtin House on Swanston St. was charming. In fact, the whole building was charming. Loved Metropolis Bookshop (no photography allowed) too.

Yummy lunch at Shoya. Bliss… and an amusing eavesdropping session. And then more walking about the city.

Spotted Victoria Mason‘s store in Fitzroy. Closed, unfortunately.

Inside Mud, behind the beautifully colored clay creations, there was a sort-of shrine to Deiter Rams. His poster, shelving, drawers and record player. There was a full catalogue too. Looking through the bowls and cups, the store assistant took a mug and smashed it unto the table to show us the durability and toughness of each product. It didn’t even crack.

Spotted Confetti System‘s tassels at Third Drawer Down’s window display. I couldn’t resist from touching some of that magic. (Hope some of that goodness flowed into me.) After that we walked a whole lot and had a Malaysian Chinese dinner in Chinatown. There were even fireworks, but none as ganas as the ones back in Malaysia.

Another day, morning at Market Lane in Prahran. After walking in and out of shops around Prahran Market, we went to sniff dust and old clothes and cameras in Chapel Bazaar. We also visited 7-11 (Hi Dave!). Lunch was Vietnamese at Victoria St. and Japanese (Kewpie) mayo shopping. Looking for the right and only mayo worth eating is a pleasure—consuming it is double the pleasure. Then, it was dinner at Discobeans, a Japanese gallery serving home-style cooking (the website and photos totally won me over).

I really liked the food there. Felt really healthy and fresh and the plus is that we ate in what seemed like someone’s apartment, although it was a bit stuffy in the beginning. Click here and here to view their menu (via Urbanspoon). The Yu-Kke Don with raw salmon and Disco Don were really good. Am going to try to recreate that soba noodle salad with that yummy dressing.

It was a humid day and it rained heavily that night. I slept in the car on the way home, fully satisfied.

Part 3 is coming up!



  1. I love that photo of the window with the tassle type things hanging down, the colors are beautiful!

  2. Lovely photos! Disco Beans is pretty cute. Aaaand around the corner from my house. Convenient!

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