For the hands (January’s first four weeks)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Getting back into work after a nice long break was hard and I’ve quickly ran out of words. I’ve been trying to balance out pushing pixels by simply creating with my hands. It’s been fun to get some dirt back under my nails again. So for every week, I made something.

Week 1:
A new notebook to begin the new year. For thoughts, ideas and just because. I got some mt tape for Christmas last year and decided to put it to good use.

Week 2:
No one goes stationery shopping to only get what they need. I almost always end up spending hours browsing, walking off, talking to myself, walking back and then heading to the cashier with stuff I never thought I’d go home with. This time I fell in love with some fancy origami paper from Midori in Kinokuniya.

Between Week 2 and 3:
I got some new watercolors for fun.

Week 3:
I made Guinness steak pies for the family over the weekend. With my sister still in New York, cooking and photographing without a willing/available hand model was not so easy. Sticky and oily fingers, not camera-friendly.

I would post up a recipe here, but it’ll be too long. I adapted and tweaked Jamie Oliver’s steak, Guinness and cheese pie. I didn’t use any celery, but added potatoes and fresh mushrooms. I also covered the beef with a dusting of flour, pepper and salt and then lightly browned and set aside just before cooking everything else. I didn’t use flour to thicken it as the cheese sort of did that naturally. Added bay leaves, thyme and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce too.

Week 4:
My sister came back from New York and Amsterdam with some long awaited gifts: more origami paper, more Apartamento magazines and (finally) Tokyo in a bag from Muji.

So that’s January so far. Can’t believe it went by just like that. Looking back, all these were very simple things… simple things to make and do. I really do like some simple. It helps keep things sane and ‘real’ for me when all I see is the computer screen most of the time. Like a kind of totem (if you don’t get it, click), I think… so I know what’s real and see things in a better perspective.



  1. May

    Looks like a great way to start the year!! I love the muji city sets : )

  2. ah i can’t get over how much i love your photos! keep it up!

  3. What a cute use for washi tape! I always find myself hoarding it because it’s so pretty, when I should be using it!


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