Eating my way into 2011

A new year is only a few more days away and it’s also terribly surreal how fast this year passed. Christmas was pretty well spent with family and friends over good food (read: loads. Hello, trifle!). When all you have late at night is the nearby 24-hour A&W, you’d better have good company. And because it’s sad to have a flat root beer with ice cream all by yourself at night.

Caught up with some good friends over lunch at The Bee on Christmas eve. Although I was there for the burgers and ice cream, the coffee there was a bit of a let down (even Starbucks does it better. Gasp. Can’t believe I just wrote that.).

Homemade ice cream from The Last Polka. We had five different flavors: Guinness (yummm), Nutella, Teh Tarik, Black Sesame and Chocolate 5 Spice (tasted strange, almost like eating the Chinese roast duck marinade — to each his own).

Besides cognac eggnog, I made strawberry and thyme shortbread. Not so easy but the whole process lasted me 2 days because I realized that I didn’t have baking paper on Day 1. And on Day 2, I came home late and only started baking close to 1am (thus, the lack of photos). By then, I went to bed with thyme scented pajamas, like a boss.

2010, you’re good but 2011 will be better. Many good changes; some painful and some easy and some necessary and some joyful. All together, good in the utmost sense. Happy twenty-eleven!




  1. J

    The last photo of the shortbread welcoming in 2011 is cute =) It has been fun reading your cooking and travel adventures.. photos always looking so good =)

    • rachelchew

      Thanks, Jayna :)
      Thank you for reading and being here… btw, I think you should publish a book of all your interior photographs!

  2. cognac eggnog?! I think my husband would love that! it sounds delicious!
    I love these photos. so warm and full of celebration.
    I look forward to 2011 as well. happy new year!

  3. Glad to be able to spend the end of the year nom nom-ing with you! (and that was one trifle too big)

  4. Yum! I would die for a bit of Nutella ice cream- really, that stuff is way too delicious.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Especially love that burger shot. :) Found your blog through Flickr, and looking forward to more.

  6. heya. beautiful photos, as always.
    the bee and the last polka looks very appetising. you need to tell me more about these places!

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