Somewhere over the rainbow

Where troubles melt like lemon drops. And so I made a list of things I love but don’t have, can’t afford or just simply beyond reach. It’s been on my mind for some time and was only pressured to do mine after Pat and Lilly made theirs (way more ridiculous than mine) but I’ve let it get the better of me. Instead of just 5 items, I have 14. So this is my semi-wish list, mostly things I wish to have over the rainbow. At least, some of them are attainable.

1. A.P.C. Spring ’11 Resort men’s cardigan in the color of speckled muesli and oats, like terrazzo. Oversized cardigans mmm.
2. Pastel blue (poppy) bicycle from Pashley because I need to learn to cycle, £435
3. Hyperactivitypography from A to Z book from Studio 3. Will start my kids young, with early typography intervention. Too good.
4. Uniform Wares 300 Series Chronograph for its simplicity and beauty, £480
5. A cotton teepee because I’ve always loved teepees and when I was young, I used to pull a blanket over a few chairs to make a little tent. Available at Design Within Reach at $2,200 (am I the only one who finds it ironic?).
6. Pashley’s Classic No. 33 vending tricycle for me to sell homemade ice cream in various flavors such as lime and watermelon, honey, cheese and digestives, carrot and orange, 85% dark chocolate, etc.
7. UKA 13:00 nail oil in pine, for my dainty fingertips, $31.40
8. Confetti System‘s beautiful creations for celebrating the love and good things in life, or life itself — made for goodness sake (Photo: The Selby).
9. Dwell Studio’s city stamp set for ages 3 – 109, €29
10. Muji’s City in a Bag, Tokyo, to be placed on the windowsill to wait for the perfect light, $14
11. Japanese-made minimalist stick perfume in rose-jade pink, pale gold and silver from Alder & Co., $40
12. Green sweatshirt ($165) and chic trousers ($235), both from A.P.C. Spring ’11 Resort women‘s collection (look 2). Ally Capellino’s Alisdair rucksack in blue checkered Harris Tweed with drawstring opening, £476
13. Kibako Green Trunk to protect my basil from snails and the cats, from Pinel & Pinel.
14. The ultimate gift, Chandler & Price hand-lever tabletop press for letterpress love and linocut joy. I miss carving and ink on my fingers. Would also love to attend a letterpress workshop. Where can I find that in Malaysia?

If I don’t post anything before Christmas, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas! XOXO



  1. i LOVE number 6. that would be awesome. i also like the hyperactivitypography book. your kids are obviously going to be super cool.

  2. Jon

    I saw the uniformwares watch too!
    Might get the 200 series brown strap grey face.
    300 series is ridiculously overpriced.

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