Melbourne, part three

After the wedding, it was Camberwell Market in the early morning. It got colder when it rained, but still good. Especially when there’s food. I wish I took photos of the jam-filled doughnuts, but I was too hungry and cold to take out the camera. Greasy sugar coated fingers. Yum. Ant found an original Fred and Wilma Flintstone cel with its certificate of authenticity amongst some paintings and photos that looked like they were from a bed and breakfast closing down garage sale. Perfect present for the newly weds.

We also headed to MARKit at Fed Square that morning. (Secretly starstruck when I saw Dawn Tan of handmadelove, I fumbled choosing between two brooches.) Then, it was brunch at Proud Mary. Worth the 45-minute wait.

Over the past week being there, I felt really enriched just being around good people. Many are new, but good company. Lunch at Proud Mary was quite a movable feast, I reckon. And it’s probably more about the people than the food. Or coffee. Although undeniably, both were satisfyingly good.

Little Creatures, for cider, beer and fries. Fries with its skin on is always a win. Am hungry now.

Thank you, Ant for calling in sick to take me around on Monday and for driving me around town to look for a coffee shop (only to find it closed down/moved). Above: St. Ali, my first and last coffee in the city. I need to learn to make that lamb pizza with mint yogurt. Below: Desserts at Dead Man Espresso.

Here are the coffee shops visited in the week:

  1. St. Ali, 12-18 Yarra Pl., South Melbourne
  2. Sensory Lab, (David Jones) 297 Little Collins Street
  3. Brother Baba Budan, 359 Little Bourke Street
  4. Seven Seeds, 114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
  5. Proud Mary, 72 Oxford Street, Collingwood
  6. Three Bags Full, 60 Nicholson St Abbotsford
  7. Dead Man Espresso, 35 Market Street, South Melbourne

Better photos of the places mentioned, here. I wish I had more time there for more.

I will surely miss discovering new places and how easy it is to find quality coffee. (My bean supply is running out soon. Will need to replenish!) I can’t thank the people who took me out and accompany me around the city enough… I’m deeply appreciative of our new friendship(s) and time together. Being at the wedding reminded me that falling in love is not only rare, but possible. And the thought of Uncle Boon dirty dancing with Dave is still, um, carved in my mind. Will pull it out like a mental card when I need some humor every now and then.

This has been a fulfilling trip to end the year. Here’s to ‘going out, not knowing where I’d be going’ in 2011.



  1. agung

    Just as the rest, you were great company too. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and found your way around the caffeine-tainted streets.
    As Li said it, I’m so happy that all out worlds are merging and we’re making friends everywhere.
    Will bring back some supply of coffee for you soon!

  2. Jay

    Ah Little Creatures fries. The best :)

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