Melbourne, part two

Above: The partial view of the skyline from Val’s apartment. Can’t say that my hands didn’t shake a little as I put the iPhone out the window. Nevertheless, I like skylines.

Below: At Victoria Market, shopping for groceries for the huck’s night at Dave & Li’s. Like in Malaysia, there were more food than space on the barbecue so some ended up being cooked on a pan (by me!) or in the oven. Took a walk around the park and came back with 9 mosquito bites. Souvenirs from Australia.

I have a few photos of raw meat, but I shall refrain from posting it here.

Below: At Three Bags Full. 5 Senses coffee. Hilarious company.

It rained heavily on the way to the wedding and had to cancel breakfast at Seven Seeds. I didn’t bring my camera to the wedding, but here are photos from the smile booth, with more to come soon via Jon. It was a beautiful wedding (ooohh and awwws) and I must say, the dessert bar was my favorite companion. If it wasn’t for the rain, we could’ve seen nudists at the beach nearby (!!!). But oh, well… watch Dave & Li’s happy day here.

More photos coming in part three!


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