Melbourne, part one

I was flying at 37,000 ft. in the air, in an aisle seat next to an American couple. She was at the enviable seat by the window with the big fat moon flooding the night sky with its light. She had her eye patch on and his body was turned towards her with a jacket over his head. Dead to the world. I wished I could sleep with my mouth gaping open like her. But my seat won’t recline any farther.

So I did some reading and was arrested by Hebrews 11:8. Abraham “went out, not knowing where he was going.” I find that comforting. At 37,000 ft., the most comforting thing wasn’t the pilot and physics but that God knows what He’s doing. And I literally didn’t know where I was going (yes, Melbourne of course, but my only compass were a list of coffee shops and where I’d be sleeping). And by ‘going’, I meant in the broadest sense. More than just geography or locality. And I think I like to keep ‘going’, knowing that I can never fully comprehend what ‘arrival’ will mean because I like to believe that God doesn’t necessary tell me everything that He’s about to do step-by-step, but in this journey of ‘going’, He reveals Himself, and that He’s trustable.

I landed, met strangers and made friends. It felt longer than a week, not because time passed slowly but that I met so many new faces and saw many new places. Every morning I wake was another chance to experience ‘going out, not knowing where I’d be going’. It was freeing.

I will leave you with some photos (some were shot with my iPhone). Most are of food because to eat is to celebrate life — better when enjoyed together. I remember better with food too… I will remember the taste, scent, texture and how it made me feel. Decadence.

That’s Dave & Li practicing their dance for their wedding. I practically stood by the window, catching the last sunlight, watching the first rain fall while photographing such bliss. They danced to Val’s Northern Lights. Beromantic. The only excuse I can give myself to visit Melbourne. More photos coming in part two.



  1. so glad you came.
    you know you belong here now.

  2. Nathaneal Wong

    Loving the pictures Rach :D

  3. Jon

    your editing is amazing.

    come here, ill hire you hahaha

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