One Thing at a Time

This is what leftover homemade chocolate sauce is good for — dunking Digestives. Here I melted Lotte Ghana Black chocolate bars in water over fire until the desired consistency. I suppose if I was patient enough I could add more water into the chocolate to make it drinkable. Otherwise, it’s good over ice cream, fruits, nuts, and cookies. But Digestives are perfect for me; the saltiness is just right.

Plus, it makes the mornings extra special.

I’ve been writing some emails lately that aren’t easy to write. Having to speak about the things I could not have been verbal about is an inevitable pain. And while I wish it could be easier, I know I must walk through this. One step at a time.

As for now, I need to pack off some food and head to Chow Kit, praying for lives to be transformed, one meal at a time.


One comment

  1. pat

    With you all the way. Hugs.

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