Antidote for Boredom

I was a little bored and in need of some inspiration, so what did I do? I made jello. There are some days where I reach a place that I do not want to be, where design is a brick wall and photography is stale. It’s not a destination but a passing ugly landscape of dreariness. Yet when you want to put off doing something, the more it has to be done or you’d experience no release — even in the midst of busyness. For me at least.

When I was younger, I was easily amused (hopefully still) by simple things and one of them was jello. I liked its transparency, wobbliness and how it looks like plastic or glass and it’s edible. Multicolored and layered. I would stare at it, shake it a little, spoon it out and let it pass in between the gaps in my teeth. What added fuel to it was the repeated watching of this when I should’ve been doing homework. I was then also fascinated by glass marbles, honey jars, gummy bears, jelly shoes, glitter glue, clear acrylic rings and piping gel on cakes.

But this isn’t really about jello as much as it is about boredom. I’m not too sure what this is about except that the things you do to get interested again is as important as the thing/interest itself. This has been a constant reminder: do things differently in order to see better. I recently bought an IKEA lamp for my work desk and I never realized that I was working in such dimness until my RM12 investment. In most cases, doing things differently shouldn’t cost money, but it should cost something. A little more thought, time, effort, work and usually of yourself. Design to design better. Photograph to photograph better. Listen to listen better. Laugh to laugh (at myself) better.

So here’s to a better week ahead, but not without another food illustration. I was craving for a good fish and chips but had none so I decided to draw to imagine how it would have tasted instead.



  1. cheryl

    i just found ur blog, i booked marked the wrong one for a long time now, fell in love with your whole blog, i went thru the whole thing even though i’m so sleepy haha

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