cooking for one

Staying home alone can be utterly boring and lonely at times. It feels like it takes too much effort to prepare a meal for myself and I’m tempted to eat cereal with fruits or spread Marmite over everything or grab instant ramen (because listening to ramen inspired stories on NPR makes it tempting). But I had a recurrence of acid reflux (I hate you) and I’m reminded to care for myself a little bit better. I managed to skip coffee for two days too (although not consecutively).

So before I resort to porridge, I decided to try something new without having to leave the house to visit the grocer’s (because I’m lazy). Initially I wanted to make a balsamic glazed salmon, but there was only a salmon head in the freezer. And then I wanted to make any fish with a wasabi mayonnaise dressing, but the mayonnaise expired in August. So it called for a little improv.

Salt & pepper
Olive oil
1 stalk of parsley leaves, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, finely grated/chopped (depending on your garlic preference)
Good knob of butter
Generous amount of wasabi
1/4 lemon
1 carrot, thickly sliced
1 potato, palm sized and cut into triangles with skin on
A good amount of dried mixed herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme)

Be sure to cut the carrot and potato into equal thickness to properly estimate cooking time. Parboil the cut pieces in a pot of salt water. These carrots and potatoes took less than 10 minutes to parboil, but it really depends on its thickness.

In a pan, lightly fry the carrots and potatoes with salt and herbs until cooked through.

Prepare the fish. Rub it with salt and pepper.
Heat up the pan with some olive oil. Place the fish skin side down and let it bubble and cook away. Flip when it is time.

Mix butter, parsley, garlic, wasabi and lemon juice well.
When the fish is done, remove it from the pan but keep the oil. The remaining oil will keep the butter from browning later.
Pour wasabi lemon dressing into the same pan and stir over low fire.

Serve fish with the carrots and potatoes. Pour wasabi lemon garlic dressing over fish and you’re done!

This wasn’t the perfect fish as it had too many y-shaped bones. But it ended up being pretty finger licking good.



  1. thanks for the recipe!!!
    I love fish, especially white fish, and I am always looking for good dressings and sauces to go with it!! (and that are fast to make too!)

    I will try this when I get my kitchen back!

  2. rachelchew

    You’re welcome Celine :)
    I love white fish too. They’re easily adaptable with almost all dressings. Let me know how yours turns out when you do!

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