eating episode #512

It feels good to be shooting again after a short break. It’s when I get to do things sans reason and only just because. It feels good to have things slow down a little. So yesterday I had a quick lunch with my sister at Ben & Nick’s Diner after missing out on someone’s birthday due to some deadlines (sorry, Pat — next coffee is on me). And I’ve also found another place for vacuum pot coffee nearby.

Now, I shall sleep and wake up before the sun rises and send my sister to the airport. She’ll be heading to China to visit some distant relatives and my grandparents’ hometown. I think I miss her already… especially how she stocks the fridge with an obscene amount of fruits and vegetables.



  1. pat

    Ben & Nick’s really really scrummy! I think Reb’s really brave to go and see people she don’t really know/can’t speak to.

    It’s time for egg-noggin’!

  2. both those pastas look divine!
    i could so do with some piping hot pasta now…

    is vacuum pot coffee easy?
    i’ve always wanted to try it at home.

  3. rachelchew

    Pat: Ben & Nick’s should really have some hearty breakfasts :)
    Yes, when you want to make them?

    Sekimachihato: The brewing process is simple if you get pass the intimidatingly fragile contraption :)

  4. You have to take me out go makan when I come back in July.

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