one big mash up

I rarely begin a post with text. Usually it starts with a photo. But this is going to be a little different because this will be a bit of everything. Since returning from Myanmar, I haven’t had the time to sit and not do anything. And I have yet to fully go through all the photos from Myanmar. So this is a break from it all.

This is what I do when I have nothing to do:

Today I began my morning with ca phe sua da and then made some Vietnamese lemongrass pork rolls for lunch. My basil plant is almost botak (bald) now.

I love Chinese product packaging. That’s white rice vinegar, to be added into the dipping sauce for the rolls.

The sliced pork is marinated in lemongrass and ginger powder with some light soy.

Steamed okra in a dressing of soy sauce, chopped chillies, lime juice and toasted sesame seeds. My cat hangs around the kitchen when something is cooking. He is as mean as he looks.

The meat is rolled up with some romaine lettuce leaves, mint and basil. In Vietnam, they usually roll the meat last so you get to see the meat under the translucent rice paper. It’s really just for presentation, but presentation is almost as important as the taste. I’m a sucker for those things. The dipping sauce is made with fish sauce, chopped chillies, white rice vinegar, lime zest and juice and some sugar. The bottom right photo is unrelated to this dish but I couldn’t help not not throwing it into this photo mash up of sorts. It’s rosemary growing in my little compost tray, next to the cabbage and chili.

This is where I dwell. Just some room details.

(I try to be organized usually.)

(Some junk inside the cupboard. Cheap and vintage jewelry from my mom. Cotton buds are morning essentials. And I have far too many photos of my blind dog inside that it looks like a mini shrine.)

(I know. Too many stripes and gray and blue and white and black. That’s the other cat — also found on the street.)

(Bottom right: books I’m reading. Unfinished.)

(Found items and secondhand books. They smell awesome.)



  1. agung

    I so love your room.

  2. Ah, this is a wonderful post!
    Love the food pictures, it looks so good too.
    And the room details, and the cat ♥ and… :)

  3. The Legion

    I see Spud is still continuing his reign of terror in the Chew household.

  4. lovely post! it is like a tour of your home.

    the sliced pork looks so good, I want to try making it tonight.

    Your photos are wonderful, amazing light.

  5. All your cooking seems so healthy! You must be the type that cooks every day, right?

  6. rachelchew

    dave: thanks, dave. i want your sofa.

    ulrika: thanks!

    leon: unfortunately and fortunately.

    celine: thank you! let me know how it turns out…

    jibril: haha. i try to eat healthy because i eat out a lot when i work. and i hardly have time to cook every day. usually the weekends :)

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