needs vs. wants

1. Where the Wild Things Are LP Soundtrack – Karen O and the Kids, $18.98 from Urban Outfitters
2.  Everybody needs at least one floaty pen. You can’t write a hateful letter with these made-in-China goodness. Minimum order is 5000pc.
3.  Swingtime snowglobe — who needs a reason? $40 from Robmat.
4. Birds on a branch frame clutch with green interior, $94 from Briana Edelman.
5. Vintage children books for inspiration, from Paul K.
6. Ceramic “Paper Plates”, from Joshua Gajownik.
7. Midnight blue Fairtrade shirred waist tunic, £16 from Topshop.
8. YOKO vintage sunglasses, $18 from Quidvintage.
9. Gentleman shirt bangle, $98 from Yellowgoat.
10. Vegan chocolate cookie dough, from EatPastry.
11. Leather foldover satchel, £50 from Topshop.
12. Temper lace up point plimsole, £15 from Topshop.
13. Darwin Finches by Charley Harper, notecard, $2 from Day-Lab.

Score: 0-13



  1. rachelchew

    Thanks, Rachel. That’s sweet of you :)
    I already have it but I want the vinyl!

  2. Jack Ling

    What, you gonna buy one of these things? Go for #6!

  3. rachelchew

    Ok, Jack. Cos it’ll go so well with this.

  4. agung

    I’d hit no.1 and no.12

  5. alvink

    I’d go for 12. :D

  6. Deborah Lee

    Ooh I like Fairtrade stuff :)

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