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Daunt Gyi village now has a school with three classrooms made from reinforced concrete to protect against cyclones. The school sits between the river and more rice fields. I wish I had Polaroids to bring with me to give away to the teachers and students. But I was already quite a distraction in the classroom with my camera.

To read more about rebuilding and restoring initiatives in Myanmar, please visit ilovemyanmar. We’re already digging another well in Daunt Gyi. And by next year, Tee Chaung will have its own school. I love how love changes the landscape of everything we see and the way we see.

This last photo is for you, Siama Pat.



  1. suejan

    hie! i’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and i noticed you are very involved in missions (for the lack of a better word) work.
    am very inspired, encourage and touched when i read your blog post. :)

    just liked to ask, how do you organized these kind of trips and help out? is there any organization you are working with. i stay in KL and i’ve been meaning to ask if there is anyway i can contribute as well. thanks…

  2. rachelchew

    hey sue jan, i will shoot you an email soon :)

  3. suejan

    thanks! =)

    ps: my email is on my blogsite.

  4. rachelchew

    sue jan, i’m not sure if you got my email. i sent it to your gmail address :)

  5. Jo

    hi, i sent you an email with some questions. hope you received it.

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