irrawaddy mud

I’m back from Myanmar with a chunk of my heart left in the Irrawaddy delta. I miss the rice fields and smiles and people so badly I don’t really know what to do with myself. I still have some Irrawaddy mud stuck underneath my toenails. It’s a spa, I tell you. Not really. Mud and some cow dung, more like it. But still awesome. I don’t really feel like getting rid of the stains and clay.

I will post up more photos and stories (hopefully) soon. But in the meantime, do visit (an organization set up to help rebuild impoverished and cyclone affected areas in Myanmar) to see some of the work I was honored to witness when I was there.


One comment

  1. Joel Toh

    you better get rid of the dirt under your finger and toe nails because you don’t know what virus or bacteria that can make you sick or worse.

    But is good to know that you enjoy yourself in Myanmar. Praise God

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