gastronomical fixes

Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City was pretty awesome and I haven’t had the time to really go through the photos. However I missed Vietnamese food so much I decided to make something similar for the weekend.

Black rice noodles (uncooked, it resembles squid ink pasta and when cooked, it turns purplish, giving off a uniquely sweet aroma) in pho soup base with fried Vietnamese pork rolls.



  1. This looks delicious

  2. Jibril

    Your writing and photos are always so beautiful. I wish I knew how to make these dishes.

  3. I love the first photo. Very, very cool. The soup looks delicious!!!

  4. agung

    love the bowl.
    sigh. i miss old home.

  5. rachelchew

    @Jibril: Thank you. It’s really easy if you have access to an Asian market/grocer. The pho soup base is mostly spices (cardamon, anise, dried coriander etc. – you can get it prepacked) and you just need to lightly fry some onions and sliced ginger to add into the soup base. If you’re not vegetarian, throw in some bones to sweeten the soup. It’ll have more depth. And then the usual salt and pepper to taste (if you like, fish sauce will help the flavor too – also can be found in any Asian grocer). The black rice noodles are from Hong Kong. I can’t find it in my country (Malaysia) though.

  6. Jibril

    Thanks! It doesn’t sound hard to make at all.

  7. I can’t decide if I love your photos more, or the food you cook. It’s all lovely ;)

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