happy salad

Carrot + coriander + toasted sesame seeds + orange zest and juice + sesame oil. Simple salad, perfect for the extremely hot weather. And orange is such a funny color, almost awkward happy… you can’t wear it and feel hatred towards someone. 



  1. Looks like it has been a productive weekend!

  2. The Legion

    That’s some pretty funky salad. You been into food these days? :p

  3. alvink

    Ah! See now what you’ve done. I’m hungry. :(
    Nice pictures by the way. It induces hunger. :D

  4. agung

    next time i come back can you cook for me?
    i’ll buy you vegemite.

  5. rachelchew

    pat: yes, indeed!

    leon: all the time :)

    alvin: thanks!

    dave: eh you sure or not? i want vegemite in a tube.

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