something about glass and coffee

Oh. Hello. I still have more to post on Penang but I suppose it’s good to take a breather. After a nerve-racking nail-biting interview session with Tim Hughes — who was jet-lagged and had a good sized Starbucks in his hands staring down at a-lack-of-sleep-and-coffee me — yesterday, I was in need of a real booster. I’ve passed by Coffee Ritual a few times and finally had a chance to drop in on them. And it was a real pleasure. 

I’ve never had a syphon/siphon/vacuum pot coffee before and this made me all giddy. The brewing process is really something close to magical. Maybe it’s the glass that adds to the romanticism but the coffee from it was certainly clean and pure. I won’t go into the details of the brewing steps but here are the photos. If only you could smell and taste it.



  1. agung

    oh so lawa.

  2. coffee ritual! read about it, now it’s time to explore.

  3. darkchyld

    Your pictures are just simply amazing. Nice choice for the subject matter =)

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  5. j

    That sort of coffee is magic. Laboratory wine. I’ve had cups at Blue Bottle here in SF.

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