riding the ferry

Click here to biggify. I have thing for cities by the sea. Penang may not be as glittery as Hong Kong or New York but it’s simple and green. No impressive skyscrapers, only fancy condos.

Also, my film camera broke. I need a new one…



  1. agung

    ! noooo! yashica?

    heart this set v much.
    i’d love to live in your world.

    • rachelchew

      Yup. The Yaschica. Sadness… I saw an old Leica R7 selling for RM1,000 when I was there but didn’t get it. I have so many things to strike off my list!

  2. agung

    double exclamations for not buying it!

  3. j

    !! can I PLEASE somehow receive a print of the boat steaming off to sea! I am staggered by it… just gorgeous.

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