I don’t know about you (whoever is reading this now) but when there’s so much going on in real life and the world, I’d prefer to not add to the commentary. The economy and the government and who said what. Sometimes depressing and almost always stirring. This is perhaps my mere attempt to create a space of restfulness in the midst of it all. At least for me, this is a slice of the quiet life…

Steamed sweet potato with a sprinkling of salt. All in royal purple.

Getting ready for dinner. Steamed rainbow fish with ginger, spring onions and light soy. 

We‘ve planned out a whole year of activities for the kids from the refuge. It’s long overdue but never too late. However, I will be away this weekend for a citizen journalism workshop with Malaysiakini. I, too, often question myself about what I’ve gotten myself into. In everything, mostly.

Right now: headphones piped in to Alexandre Desplat and a sense of belonging and home. Everyone needs some sort of refuge. This is mine for now, in the shadow of Someone bigger than all this.

The first photograph above is of the well photographed and beautifully laid out, Apartamento Magazine



  1. :)

    I don’t know if you know about me but I wish your peaceful quiet life and respect your activities. I think the time spent on your question is really worthy…

  2. between your work time and your own time it sounds a good life being lived. and i agree about your internet haven being a zone of peace and quiet and away from it. me too. having seen the photos of this last post i am now very hungry! yum!

  3. gasp, you won’t be around this Saturday for awesome journal activities??

  4. thanks, mikio :)

    yes, nadia… unfortunately, the internet can be such a damaging place if we allow it.

  5. pat: oopps… sorry i just saw your message. it went into spam :|
    i could still make it after the workshop. will try my bestest!

    aubrey: thanks :)

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