a new roll

Mhmm. Just got the stitches removed and then I helped myself to two servings of Baskin-Robbins’ green tea ice cream. Will down the affogato later.

2009 is looking good so far. Resolutions? I don’t know yet, but I just filled a camera with 36 exposures of expired black and white film.



  1. varalas

    Then maybe you should take the pictures that were never meant to be :D

  2. rachelchew

    am sure it will turn out alright…

  3. alvink

    BASKIN ROBBINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the mag! It’s such a strange pictorial ‘ad’. I’m very sure my books can’t be purchased at The Annexe. They’re all in my room. How silly.

    Didn’t get to talk to you today, you vanished so quickly I didn’t even see your face.

    Coffee or dinner soon, please.

  5. rachelchew

    sorry, pat i just saw your message. it’s terrible that we live so near and we’re communicating through a blog. let’s do that soon, will call you!

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