hopefully wiser


Right after Christmas I finally got myself to the dentist chair. I was on painkillers for a week because of the numbing pain from the wisdom tooth. The x-ray showed that it’s horizontal with a curved root. All the hate in the world focused in on one tooth. 

While extracting the tooth, I could see the dentist’s spectacles covered with bone/tooth fragments and blood splatters. I had some on my face and arms. Very festive. When he found it hard to remove the root and let out, “Ya Allah!” 

Much to my comfort, another dentist peered over and commented, “Hmm. This is very hard to remove. So irritating.” To calm myself, I imagined all the mini-chainsaw sound effects to be of food processors. Coffee grinders. Blenders. Herbs and olive oil. When he finally got the root out, he exhaled “Alhamdulillah.” 

A swollen right cheek and a few stitches in my mouth really just translate into a girl who got punched in the cheek and now speaks with a lisp. This new year will be like no other new year.

Have a great 2-0-0-9!



  1. agung

    Just to show it’s never too late to have your wisdom tooth ruining parties and making you look like a victim of abuse.

    I’ve yet to hit that stage in life.


    Happy New Year to you too, Rachel.
    Take care.

  2. i spoke to your brother few days ago and asked about you. he mentioned some gory details about blood spurting and things like that during the surgery. looks like he wasn’t making it up.

    happy wisdom-toothless 2009.


  3. i know it’s hard to believe, but teenagers are sometimes prone to telling the truth without exaggeration ;)
    am just about to go to the dentist to have my stitches removed.

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