I can’t shoot weddings. I really like sitting with the crowd, cheering along and aligning myself with the buffet table. I can be quite the bum when I allow myself. But this bum had to work.  While I won’t ever get used to waking up 4am at with a heavy camera strapped around my neck, I can get used the fun.

Looking through the photos I realized that I very, very much prefer to shoot people as they are; messy, uncoordinated, clumsy, funny and themselves. Weddings are also peculiar to me because as a photographer, you bring your own sight… you lend your eyes to the couple, and they remember their day through your eyes. Many times I do feel as though my interpretation (of the day) is inadequate and my sight fails (to capture the romance). 

These are among my favorites from that day. It’s a Chinese tradition for the bride to wait in her house for the groom to arrive with his men. While she waits in her room, the groom and his men will go through a series of “testings” to prove himself worthy of his bride. It reminded me of this. Anne, the bride, tried to remain in her seat. 

Szegy, the groom, downed two dried bumble bees for her. Here are more from the wedding, with Anne getting prepped.

After lugging the weighty camera around, I’m itching for a disposable point-and-shoot.



  1. we share a lot of the same sentiments toward shooting weddings. these photos came out lovely, rachel :)

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