chicken noodle salad

I don’t write here often and I don’t cook often. So this is when I try to do both. This time, with photos. They say that some people eat more when they’re emotional or stressed, and although I see some truth in that, I think all food is emotional. Maybe I’m female or maybe I just eat all the time, but how is food not for the soul? Yet I never understand why some girls go on a diet but binge on Mars bars like it’s some sort of reward for being good.

Here’s a chicken noodle salad, Vietnamese style.

For the noodle, I used vermicelli instead because I ran out of pho, but any rice noodle will do (unlike pasta, soak the noodles into hot water before boiling). Add into it some julienned carrots and zucchini (allow juice to drain away before adding into salad because that will add too much moisture into the salad, and personally, cucumber or zucchini juice is just too healthy for my taste), bean sprouts (boiled), coriander/cilantro (folded and chopped) and mint leaves. Boil a small portion of chicken breast in salt water. When cooked, shred it into thin and flossy pieces with fingers. It doesn’t have to be neat. It will look less appealing in your stomach anyway.

When cutting the chilies, try to do it fast as the oil from the chili tends to numb the fingers. My fingers were tingling with pins and needles hours after cooking. To cut the mint leaves, roll them lenght-wise. To make the dressing, heat up some sesame oil and toss in the chopped chilies and garlic. When the garlic starts to turn color, turn off the heat and add in some lime juice. Pour over chicken noodle salad. 

To top it all off, add a dash of fish sauce. I forgot to sprinkle toasted sesame seeds here, but do add them at the end. Those itty bitty crunches will go a long way.

Happy happy eating!



  1. oh u’re not in China.
    sure look very Vietnamese there!
    the ingredients you add feels very tomyam/assam laksa-ish….

  2. no, i didn’t travel with my parents :)
    it’s south east asian for sure.

  3. huong

    mmm this is one of my favorites :) our potential caterer has actually put it on our menu for the wedding without me even suggesting. hope it was as delicious as it looks.

  4. i hope yours will come with rice-paper spring rolls with mango slices… that’ll be awesome :)

  5. :D

    Speaking of cucumbers:

    Such a weird title for an “all-ages” movie.

  6. randhir

    mmmm… that looks lovely. great photos!

  7. Nice!
    Now you made me hungry

  8. yummm this looks so tasty!

  9. ant

    the colour is amazing.

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