eating is in my name

Outside the Apple store on Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Hello. I really love food.

Cooking shows, cook books, food photography, movies about food, conversations about food. I’m sure I tend to pig out too. This week I enthusiastically downloaded a Chinese cuisine lowdown into my iPod to rescue me from long and uninteresting rides. For my closet vegan, there is always VeganYumYum. Also, I’ve been salivating over an app for a machine I don’t have.

So while this blog is dusty, I’ve been making batu seremban for some kids at the shelter, shooting some band photos for my friends and cooking. I followed a recipe from Donna Hay but added and changed some ingredients according to taste. Here’s basically it:

• 3 parts balsamic to 1 part olive oil
• juice of half a lime/lemon
• 2 cloves garlic, sliced
• 4 bird’s eye chilies, cut
• 200g chicken breast fillet (depending on how hungry you are), trimmed and scored
• salt and pepper
• organic cha soba (go buckwheat!)

Personally I like my hands clean but like playing with food, so tossing the chicken and marinade into a ziploc bag is the way to go. This way I get to massage it in without getting chilies under my nails. Marinate for 15 minutes. Put a nonstick pan on medium heat. Add the meat with a small portion of the marinade. Cook each side for 5 minutes and add the remaining marinade. Cook until sauce is thickened and chilies caramelized (jargon!). Pardon my buckwheat fanaticism, but you can serve the balsamic chicken with anything — rice, potatoes, stir-fry or tortilla but definitely salad. 

I found this today. I thought I should share.



  1. aubreypeth

    I love your posts…and i love your drawings of all the ingredients…I must try that.soon.

  2. thanks, aubrey :)
    let me know if it turns out!

  3. ohh yum. yum-ness.

    am gonna attempt using the machine to stitch. if it doesn’t work out i’ll be showing up at starbucks with needles and a sewing basket in tow. hoo.

  4. Did you draw that? Sooo cute!

  5. yes, i drew that. thank you :)

  6. pat: haha. ok… am actually thinking of doing that too. but will bring my laptop and a book in case you don’t show up. and who brings rice to starbucks?

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