further and farther

It’s about to drizzle any minute now. My dog is frantic and Coltrane is calmness. Oh the joys of being at home on a weekday. I didn’t have to set my alarm, my incoming emails dwindled down from 20 over emails per half day to 2 emails and I finally managed to look through photos from my last photo shoot with a couple. And I also got to cook my own meal and devour it all fresh. Plus, I’m shamelessly feeding my new addiction.

Driving home alone on a late Sunday night is something I should do more often. Sunday or whenever. I love night drives and the quietness of it all. It’s like being in the bathroom, except with a view that keeps changing. Privacy and openness. So I was cruising on a constant and comfortable speed of 80km/hr and way faster cars were passing by me. My journey home lasted the entire Rosie Thomas CD and I’ve passed many billboards, road signs, ramps, buildings and landmarks. Everything else that leads me someplace else other than where I want to be; home. 

I’ve just witnessed another public wedding proposal and on my way home I wondered to myself if I’d be okay if this journey is one without a co-driver/passenger/companion a.k.a. I was contemplating my singleness. While it’ll be awesome to have a person to journey with, I think I can live without (for now!). But I can’t live without good company. I suppose I’d find many diversions, wrong turns, landmarks and rest stops and perhaps even misreading the map. The journey (so far) has been an adventure… not too sure if that’s an over/understatement, but I can’t wait to travel further and farther.

I usually try to put off writing about relationship issues here but it’s hard when I’m bombarded with so many weddings, couples getting married and a relationship manual to design (oh the irony). Now that I’ve got this out of the way, on with the journey!



  1. the journey…hmm…:)

    I am mostly alone here… away from ol’ friends and family… the cold winter wind and solo walks makes me shudder.

    missing u guys la! I listened to Jesus Born on This Day in the library today (by Mariah Carey). I replay it like a zillion times. Ps Mal used to sing it alot so it reminds me of Christmas in CBC. I shed some tears. It looks white and christmasy on the clip… but i can only relate to Christmas back home… heard there’s lots of preparations going on now in CBC? Is the shopping complexes decorated with Christmas stuff? awww…i wanna be home.

  2. Hmm, funny. I was just posting up something on my blog about relationships too. About how introspective people get at times like this. ;) Also when news of wedding are interspersed with news of break-ups…

  3. chihui: i miss you too… i wish we could go out for late night drives/talks again! haha… i don’t remember that song, i think i subconsciously repress any tune by mariah carey in my mind. well, not sure about the malls, but ikea is stocked with christmas decor and it’s the starbucks’ red cup season again. it’s funny how songs about white christmases sound so warm when we live in the equator, but it’s lonely and cold when we’re actually there without familiar faces and voices.

    su ann: i just read yours. it must be a navel-gazing period cos i found some lint ;)

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