It was past midnight when I left to office that morning. When I’m this busy, a lot of things become instant to me. For instance, I’ve had instant teh tarik, instant mushroom soup and instant grossness. Some other things should be made instant too, like: 

• instant bath when you’re too tired to turn on the shower
• instant load as opposed to downloading
• instant sleep when your mind is too awake at 4am
• instant happiness whenever

Yet some things that used to be instant don’t always remain. And somethings are better when you wait, like coffee from the press and relationships and film processing.

The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen. Slums have been photographed and written about before but I appreciate how he didn’t focus solely on the condition of their dwellings, but more on the people, their story and spirit. While it’s no Ikea catalogue, it sure has a lot more character… yet I wonder if the people photographed knew they had invited the world into their homes. 


Ok, last link I promise. Click the above image to view.



  1. Hey Rachel,

    I’ve been following your photos for awhile. Just thought I’d finally comment on your new blog. I just linked to Bendiksen’s project as well on my site. I love it. And that first photo of yours, I dig it immensely.

    Keep up the stuffs. Your blog is among one of my favorites.

  2. hi patrice… thank you. that’s awesomely nice of you :)

  3. Instant happiness – uh, this one is thought-provoking.

    I agree with film processing. Jun recently took a picture of me with film. The effects weren’t as good as what we can get with digital cameras these days because we can foretell the results of our makings with digital cameras. But even so, knowing that he captured that picture with film and waited, and given the restrictions of film, increased the value of that picture in my eyes.

  4. yvonne: film isn’t as limited as one would think… i don’t really understand what you mean by “the effects weren’t as good as what we can get with digital cameras”, unless you’re talking about editing a digital photo in photoshop. the camera (film or digital) only takes what the photographer shoots. any other kind of effects will be in post-production. but i like film more for its honesty, the grain, texture and colors that can’t be fully reproduced with pixels.

  5. hey. i was wondering.. coz i’ve seen some of your polaroid pictures. where do you buy your film from? im running out of film for my camera, and it seems they’ve stop producing.. =(

  6. any photo developing shop might still carry the film… i get mine from SS15, subang jaya.

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