I was perusing Kuala Lumpur’s empty streets last week with some friends. We ate and walked and ate some more. There is no purpose for this post except to simply post. 

On my way home from Sentul this afternoon.



  1. Joel Toh

    uuuuu…..KL….beef noodles soup….yummy!!!…i want to go there…haha

    Oh just popping by..nice blog and all hehe…the second picture i been there before…cook quite good food…hehe…Just saying Hi =)

    jptyy.blogspot.com =)

  2. hey joel… thanks :)
    yeah, the second photo was at coliseum. really good sizzling steak.

  3. patlow

    sigh. missed this! promise me you’ll take me to coliseum one of these days. we shall eat like kings (or queens, whichever you prefer)


  4. reb, get me that lamp.

    pat, yes! we could… if we want, we could even rent a room and bunk there for a night for fun. cockroaches and rats abound.

  5. nice song. what is it? and did u use your phone to record or smthng?

  6. it’s tango apasionado by astor piazzolla. digital camera.

  7. Nice pictures! How do you give normative scenes the classic look? Are you using film?

    By the way, I have been reading your blog just to view the pictures and read your sweet, simple jottings. Did not want to comment at first thinking you might prefer privacy like Reb. But Cheryl was sure you’d appreciate the comment so here I am!

  8. hi yvonne. no, i wasn’t shooting with film.
    thanks :)

  9. sel

    oh dear..poor mia. hope she’ll be alright. would it help if she were spayed now?

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