to be one

I was shooting pre-wedding photos for my friends last Saturday. I have a bulk of photos to look through, sift and edit. I need more sleep, but sleeping isn’t necessary resting. God knows I need more of the latter. 

Photographing in the park required mosquito combatting skills I don’t possess. It should’ve come in the manual. At least the bride had a veil. I have 23 mosquito bite scars on my arms and legs. I’ve heard of such a thing as a repellent but I took nature for granted and my mind plays hookey sometimes. 

I’m personally not big on wedding photography because what is romantic to me isn’t always (hardly) romantic to others. I prefer it when the bride and groom aren’t aware of the clicking shutter. Catching them off-guard is as rewarding as finding an honest moment in politics. Where expression is at its most naked.

“The sabbath is not for the sake of the weekdays; the weekdays are for the sake of the sabbath. It is not an interlude but the climax of living.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel



  1. I so agree that the best shots are those where the subject in the picture is unaware when the shutter goes off. I hate those romantic shots where you have to turn your head a certain angle and stage your romantic moment… yeeech….

    You are so the right choice for our pictures :)

  2. haha. but it’s hard to be invisible with a piece of equipment in front of my face. it’s like shooting children (in the nonviolent manner)… they love the camera and the best thing to distract them is to give them things to do with their hands or anything fun.

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