death comes in a band

I will be off to Singapore next week. Hello, island of efficiency, cleanliness and luxurious consumption. You are everything we secretly want to be and have. Please do not rain while I’m there because I hope to do a lot of walking and I like my toes dry, thank you. You’ve been a good neighbor.

Yes. August 12. Triple exclamation marks. Oh, yes.



  1. i wish i had just said yes to dcfc even when i didn’t have the moolah then.

    who knew.

    have a super time there, and can you help me fulfill my muji pen fix?

  2. and i thought we were friends.

  3. someone is jealous.

  4. hello Rachel! i finally got my puppy!! :D

    did you make the death cab for cutie illustration yrself? it’s really nice :)

  5. i heard about your puppy!
    yes, i illustrated it — thank you :)

  6. Wow, that illustration was really awesome. Have fun in Spore!

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