keep it to yourself

You know how when something happened to you and you wished you did something more? Something to change the outcome of the situation? I hate it when that happens because right now, I’m thinking about how I should’ve swerved my car unexpectedly and then flip him the finger or flip him the finger and then swerve my car. I could’ve rammed him down, or at least throw him off course.

His course was to ride his motorcycle really close to my car, come up to my side and unzip his jeans to flash me his instrument.

He was really close to my side. Unusually close. City people don’t like close proximity with strangers, ironic as it sounds. From my side mirror, I saw that he had one hand to steer his bike and another hand reaching to his crotch, trying to unzip his jeans. It was one heck of a maneuver. So I pressed my accelerator. He gave chase and tried to come by my passenger side. I floored my accelerator this time. He didn’t give up. 

I found another car and drove to its side. Really slow and really close. Nothing could come in between us now, not even that guy and his instrument that so excitedly wanted to see daylight. He must’ve been really pissed because he eventually gave up and went another direction.

My friend told me how I could’ve rammed into his bike and catch him with his pants down. I said, it’s probably ugly anyway. 

My sister suggests wearing a mask when we drive. We should get Halloween masks. I’m contemplating between a devil (with horns) or a Scream (with a hood) mask. The keyword here is “freak.”

But seriously, I don’t mind just settling for this or that.

(I can’t think of an appropriate photo for this post, sorry. But that’s a photograph of tragedy tourists.)



  1. the photo is funny.
    the story is not.
    that’s stupid. invest in mace. and mace is flippin’ ****!

  2. *mace HIS flippin’ ****!

  3. I couldn’t believe this story because that has happened THREE times to me. Not the exact same situation but with cars/transportation always involved. I get mad for you when I read this. It feels like such a violation of rights. of space. I wish you’d hit him on the bike. Not really, but I feel like punching him right now for it. Just gross.

    Thanks for sharing. We’ll get masks and can start a superhero force for stopping perverts. What should our name be?

  4. dave: mace is illegal here in malaysia. a taser, maybe?

    mackenzie: three times?! what’s wrong with men? no, sexually frustrated men. it makes me sad and angry at the same time. we can call the superhero alliance Anti-Sicko or Something. and you can get Josh to beat them up :)

  5. Hm, i wonder if you had taken out your camera and taken a photo of him, would he freak out or be all too happy to be famous?

    Possibly just take a shot and laugh at him derisively like that little kid in Simpson’s. “Ha ha…”

  6. he’d relish in the attention at first and then laugh at my clumsy maneuver. and then i will think of how i want to run him over again.

  7. i had rebecca’s thought..
    maybe u should have let him showed you and then u wind down your window a little and said “kecilnyaa”

  8. my aunt used the camera trick. It worked for her case. :p your’s sounds really psycho. Risked his life jst for that thrill? anyways, I think i’ll probably respond the same way as you did. when ur frighten u jst wanna escape then get creative.

  9. yes. taser sounds good.
    bbq it.

  10. i would like to join this special task force that mackenzie has mentioned…. have had similar stuff like this happen to me (not to this extent though)… i just don’t understand ppl sometimes. and their nerve and stupidity. sorry to hear about this :( if i was there i would have thrown a milkshake at him for you haha.

  11. jess: a milkshake will be so ace!

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