I revisited Fight Club again and it brought back an onslaught of nostalgia. The closing song by the Pixies did too much. I had it on repeat for several hours yesterday. Today, while listening to Radiohead’s The Bends, ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ almost brought tears to my eyes. 

I cannot imagine growing up in another time outside the 90s. And I don’t know why, but there’s a certain pride associated with the era that closed the last century. I don’t miss it in the i-want-to-go-back-in-time sense, but I’m glad it made up my past.

Before Pizza Hut monitored their calls, I called pizzas and drinks to the house of a girl who picked on my sister in school. It was enough to feed a party. Kids in class brought photos of New Kids On The Block and passed them around under the table. I never knew the names of its members though. 

But I remember the time when Nirvana was on heavy rotation on the radio. I also remember being too poor to afford CDs, so cassette tapes were a staple. Also, mixtapes were literally mixtapes (always made with skill — some scotch tape can work wonders). I remember Napster and when people first started using acronyms for everything. I also worked a laser disk, playing Pink Floyd and Led Zepellin. I made sure my vinyl player worked too (now it stays comatose under the bed, blanketed in dust). I played Wheel of Fortune on MS-DOS in school and I fondly recall how my grandma was once addicted to Tetris on her pirated Game Boy. She was pretty cool.

I’ve lost count of how many times I watched Pulp Fiction and I still have a VHS tape of Good Will Hunting I rented and never returned. I also love the grittiness of David Fincher’s films and the celebrated cult of David Carson-Ray Gun. 

I cut my hair real short too, Winona Ryder style. I remember when the first generation of iMacs appeared and when I still used the Walkman.

AIR’s Moon Safari turned 10 this year. Radiohead’s OK Computer was 10 last year. Reality Bites was 10 in 2004. You know you’re getting old when your favorite albums and movies turned 10 within the eight years of this new millennium. 

So I sat down and made a list of songs that made up my 90s experience. 25 songs because I will turn 25 this year. Here are some of my favorite songs and musicians while growing up, in no particular order (I’m not putting up the songs here, but video links because the 90s was an eclectic time in music and videos — when movie directors made music videos):

01. Pitseleh – Elliott Smith
02. Street Spirit (Fade Out) – Radiohead 
03. Where It’s At – Beck
04. Losing My Religion – REM
05. Silent All These Years – Tori Amos
06. Heaven Is A Truck – Pavement
07. Teardrop – Massive Attack
08. Stolen Car – Beth Orton
09. My Sharona – The Knack
10. Diamond Sea – Sonic Youth
11. Ode To My Family – Cranberries
12. Rabbit In Your Headlights – UNKLE
13. Sabotage – Beastie Boys
14. My Drug Buddy – Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando
15. Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
16. Sexy Boy – AIR
17. Ready Or Not – The Fugees
18. Sugar Water – Cibo Matto
19. Les Yper-Sound – Stereolab
20. Jóga – Björk
21. Common People – Pulp
22. Paper Bag – Fiona Apple
23. Song 2 – Blur
24. Flavor – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
25. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

In 1997, Comet Hale-Bopp passed earth for the first time since 4,200 years.

934,780,032 heartbeats.

194,745,840 breaths taken.

I got born again in the 90s.

(You should so do your own 90s list too.)

(I also found out why I stopped listening to the radio in the late 90s.)

Sidetrack: Last I heard tie dye isn’t in fashion, but we all need some tie dying experience to laugh about so my friends and I are going to teach a bunch of kids to murder some t-shirts this weekend. Should be fun.



  1. what’s tie dye?
    we should start wearing bugs bunny ties again.
    or keyboard ties.

  2. i’m sure you know what tie dye is… you either hate it or love it. but perhaps you’ve repressed memories of it.

  3. omg! 90s! the first time i found ur blog ( a fren directed me to it cos she said ur photos are nice, and they are!) i had this sudden fondness. maybe its the name reminds me of my fav cartoon thunder cats (obviously). the good old days! i also miss captain planet!

  4. Thank you! I’ve been itching to add some new tunes to my iPod and this was just what I was looking for.

    Also, I hope this doesn’t sound sexist, but I’m impressed a girl “got” Fight Club and enjoyed it. In my group of friends the girls loathe that movie and whenever we watch it the girls leave the room and the guys are left to soak it in. Kudos!

  5. dave: it’s those multicolored shirts hippies wear. you tie the shirt in a certain way and dip it into the dye. leave to to dry. and untie. go here.

    nik amir: thanks! i was never fond of captain planet though :)

    ryan: you’re so welcome.
    haha. not at all… there’s so many layers to the film/book that it’s not even really about violence.

  6. Jay

    Where Is My Mind IS awesome!

    Haha… but seriously, you broke rule number one and two.

    And, no love for Reservoir Dogs?

  7. ‘where is my mind’ is playing right this moment i’m replying you.

    rule schmules. girls make their own rules, haven’t you heard?

    oh, yes. reservoir dogs. i wish quentin tarantino would make another film. jackie brown is also very good.

  8. Eugene

    My goodness! A VHS of Good Will Hunting? Great show, watched it in Montreal while on Spring Break with a friend at McGill’s.

    Great blog, great pics! Not only that, you write well too. regards!

  9. thanks!
    mcgill! i have some friends from there too.

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