keep coming home

I couldn’t really sleep the other night and I’m sure it wasn’t because of those political (or anti) videos I was watching online. One of the things that went through my mind was about the holy and profane.

My thoughts were everywhere and quick, I probably should’ve written it down when it was fresh. But here I am, trying to piece together a string of thoughts that will most likely end up looking like a tangle of hairs collected in the bath drain. So here’s the untangling: I thought about Moses and his encounter with the burning bush.

Holiness and profanity. We remove our shoes when we enter into someone’s home (Malaysia and Asia, at least). We don’t carry in dirt. We leave “where we have been” when we come Home. The building/place isn’t holy, we are. When I enter into the life of another, I need to remove my shoes because it is holy ground. The burning bush lives in us… and encounters like this happens everyday. The profane becomes sacred. When there isn’t such a thing as ordinary, only blindness to see beyond the apparent. I need to acknowledge the holiness or sacredness of and in another…

I will be leaving for Chiang Mai tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend, people.



  1. Lilith

    I read your blog for about 6 months, and you always have beautiful fotos and thoughtful stories … but this one touched me especially. I am from Slovakia, Europe and we take off your shoes as well when we visit or come home. Never thought of it this way … I’m gonna look at every home as kind of temple from now on. Thanks :-)Llt

  2. michng

    hey Rachel!hmm… why haven’t i thought of adding a spoonful(heaping, of course) of Milo to top off the drink? tomorrow i will :)love your blog – the thoughts, the photos and illustrations. you’ve got an amazing gift!

  3. Anonymous

    i was thinking about what you have written, about the holiness of the home, and holiness of our souls. i thought about the times someone had worn soiled boots and tramped around the sacred edges of my soul. i should have protected that sacred ground. thanks for sharing rc

  4. thundered cat

    hello lilith :)thank you.michelle: it’s a bad habit of mine, actually. i finish up the milo way before i should. thank you, thank you :)rc: i guess that’s why we need to guard our hearts.

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