one hundredth

I’ve been on a hiatus, I know.

Too many things on my plate, really. Too many mouths to feed.

A little tired, yes.

And contributing to this tiredness would also be my putting off of coffee, tea and any chocolate drink. Those black and brown (and sometimes green) liquids of hope had to stop filling my cup. At least for three weeks. A few more days left for the putting off to end and when the putting on begins.

I’m not counting, but fasting really makes one more aware of one’s lack… perhaps a more heightened awareness of one’s cravings. Maybe it’s called withdrawal, but I like to think of it as an education of one’s daily necessities. What I will die without versus what I will live without.

Besides work and needs, I was in Singapore for a little distraction.

It rained as much as Seattle.

Being lost while commuting on the MTR and bus made hell in my stomach that sounded like a waterfall of gastric juices. It took me ransom for food, or else I would be treating stomach ulcers. The signs said no eating and drinking allowed. A wee step closer to a breathing ban.

Múm was a saving grace though. They made music about berries, marmalade and a horse to bless everything that grows. The kind of imagery Iceland conjures.

(I shouldn’t have dropped my melodion classes at six.)

Happy Good Friday and Easter. Although personally, I like thinking about the day in between.

I hope you like the new header.



  1. Anna

    I really do like the new header, and the new pictures.

  2. thundered cat

    thank you, anna :)

  3. Jessica

    I love the second photo – there is so much stability yet I am anticipating the movement. Interesting dynamic

  4. thundered cat

    thanks, jessica.

  5. jessicagrady

    lovely photos. lovley.

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